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Jeff Morris Fire & Life Safety Foundation

The Jeff Morris Fire & Life Safety Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization assembled to serve the safety needs of citizens in Oregon.  Founded in 1982 as "The Friends of Jeff Morris," it has evolved to the organization it is today.  

Jeff Morris was a well loved and charismatic member of Portland Fire & Rescue.  As the public information officer and educator, he was well known around the city and was considered the city's greatest ambassador.  When he died of cancer in 1974, his friends decided his should be more than a memory.  While it took eight years to develop, the Friends of Jeff Morris finally formed in 1982. 

One of the first projects of the "Friends" was to purchase a safety education van dedicated to education programs delivered by Portland Fire & Rescue.  While the original vehicle has been replaced several times, the "Jeff Van" can still be seen cruising the streets of Portland, promoting safety education everywhere it goes.

The next big project of the "Friends" was to develop a fire museum.  This goal was realized in 1985 with the addition of the museum on the north end of the central fire station in Old Town.  Lack of staffing left the facility as a viewing museum only.  Today, however, the fire museum is alive and well at the Historic Belmont Firehouse in the Belmont District.  Not only are the artifacts and exhibits more accessible, they are surrounded by many great stories and images of the entire history of the organization.

Jeff's passions were the education of Portland's citizens and the preservation of the history of Portland Fire & Rescue.  Today, the Foundation is working to continue Jeff's legacy.  To learn more about the Foundation, follow the menu choices under "Jeff Morris Foundation."