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Jeff Morris Fire Museum

The Safety Learning Center & Fire Museum is not your traditional museum.  Stories, images, and firefighting equipment are very approachable and in many cases, touchable.  Whether it's an 1859 Jeffers Sidestroke Handpump Fire Engine, the 1879 Amoskeag Steam Pumper, or the 1860 Hose Cart, all are wonderfully restored and presented for close-up enjoyment by the public. 

Time lines decorate the walls and take the visitor decade by decade through the evolution of the city of Portland and Portland Fire & Rescue.  Images and stories are mounted in wooden ladders crafted by Portland's ladder shop decades ago.  The unique setting of the 1912 firehouse and the "tools of the trade" that decorate the facility provide an experience like no other "museum."   

While exhibits span the life of Portland Fire & Rescue, which began on August 1, 1853, not everything is 150 years old.  Some tools, like the original "Jaws of Life," came into being in the 1970s and have already evolved far beyond the original design, which is on display. 

Tours are easily self-guided or, for a $1 donation, take the Audio Tour, which lasts 30 minutes and employs wonderful sound effects to supplement your tour.  As always, firehouse staff will be on hand to assist in your tour or answer any questions. 

Visits are free, but donations to the Jeff Morris Fire & Life Safety Foundation are always accepted.  Pay a visit and enjoy the history and heritage of the fire service in Portland, Oregon.  Find the menu link under "Fire Museum" to enjoy photos and to learn how to schedule a tour.


Antique Equipment That May Be On Display

hose cart

1860 Hose Cart


1979 Amoskeag Steam Pumper (the first Engine #9 in the City of Portland)

 hand pumper

 1859 Jeffers Sidestroke Hand Pumper (Purchased for Columbian Volunteer Engine Company #3)